About Us

Yellow Laboratories is a company dedicated to bring you the very best in business technology and keep up to date with the latest IT technology products and solutions.

Three lines of business:

►Software Development
• E-commerce, E-learning, Responsive Web Design solutions. Complete packages. Development, implementation, assistance and hosting included.
• Mobile apps development: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. Software development services for mobile and assistance to approach a good strategy in the mobile environments for your business.

►Networking Services
For home and business. Whether you need a robust and secure setup for your business or a simple network for your home, our networking solutions are designed for the most demanding performance, scalability, capacity and reliability requirements.

►Smart Home Technologies
Home becomes smarter than ever. The newest devices and apps are simplifying tasks, making better use of resources and transforming the way we live. We implement the best smart home devices and gadgets for your home.

We believe in good customer collaboration and high quality solutions!