About Us

TreeTech is an ICT company with multi-disciplinary skills. Provides innovative value to customers' business with products selected by major players together with integration services.
The technical staff is composed of professionals who offer consulting support of the highest standards to ensure competence in more complex and complicated task.

Product & Service
Mago.net software is the ERP solution, you can effectively manage all aspects of your business, in particular, you can manage the flow of areas:
Administrative and Accounting
Warehouse Logistics
Production and planning

SpagoBI is the only suite for Business Intelligence entirely open complete and flexible with wide range of analytical tools and intuitive graphical interface.

Movicon™ is the software platform for industrial automation, remote monitoring and building automation.It’s the only Scada / HMI software for any type of application and with any type of hardware.
It supports a wide range of PLC type and field bus for industrial or civil.
Tag Database & Connectivity, Data Logging, Analysis and Trends
Reports Designer Integrated
Security & Web Access

Service of agile development solutions in the internet, service oriented architectures and software for real-time applications.
Developing and implementing real-time software solutions with PLC controllers or embedded / on-board.
Supervision systems with SCADA / HMI, DCS & Process Control Systems.
Software development data storage, reporting and tracking of product.
Development of software according to the standard Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)
Development of mobile solutions (Android, WindowsPhone, iOS)
Development of GIS (Geographical Information System) applied to different sectors
Development and verticalization of ERP, CRM integration with proprietary systems and business intelligence
Developing solutions with Web portals platforms Enterprise & Service Oriented Enterprise Solutions, SaaS, Cloud