About Us

Private investment with a large experience in the field of plastic industry, LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY SA produces and sells BIG BAGS ( polypropylene woven bags, jumbo bags, FIBCs ) with 250 – 2000 kilos loading capacities ( SWL ), in a variety of constructive shapes and dimensions, such as : 1 loop, 2 or 4 loop big bags.
Our company provides complete SOLUTIONS for the packaging, transportation and storing of bulk materials: chemicals ( granulated or powders ), ceramics, ferroalloys, construction materials, agricultural products (seeds, grain, corn, beans, cereals ), food powders, minerals, recyclable materials ( PE, PP, PVC granules ), wastage, etc.

Our Integrated Quality (ISO 9001:2001)– Environment (ISO 14001:2005)– Food safety (ISO 22000:2005 –HACCP) Management System recommends Livingjumbo Industry as your BEST SUPPLIER for the packing of your bulk materials.

First of all, at Livingjumbo Industry SA we invest a RIGUROUS QUALITY CONTROL IN RAW MATERIAL, meaning:

- Granule quality;
- Yarn thickness and width;
- UV resistance (breaking resistance and elongation);
- The strength of the warp and weft;
- Weaving density;
- Fabric and loop (belt) strength;
- Thread and rope quality;
- Safety factors (5:1 and 6:1).
- Checking our big bags contamination is insured by the INSTITUTE OF FOOD BIORESOURCES.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence