About Us

ISAF SA has gathered much experience in the performance of installation and manufacturing works:

Installation works:
fixed installations for railway electrical transportation;
fixed installations for electrical city transportation (trams, trolley-buses);
railway signallings and automations;
railway telecommunications;
telecommunications for the public sector;
railway radio communications;
design and execution of mobile telephony sites;
civil engineering.
Manufacturing works:

signalling equipment;
components and assemblies for the railway and city contact lines.
ISAF offers extensive services in the works’ management and the railway infrastructure.

They may include services such as: risk assessment, safety management, railway equipment management, patrimony and stocks management, or they may be more complex, requiring the disconnection and putting back into operation of the railway infrastructure.

ISAF's vast experience of working within the railway infrastructure, together with ISAF's experience in works management offers credibility to ISAF's customers.

The continuity of ISAF's contracts with railway companies is a proof of ISAF's customers’ satisfaction.

ISAF's goal is to become the partner chosen for fulfilling the requirements of government and private sector customers.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence