About Us

The Humangest idea was born from the will and the passion of a team of experts in the Human Resources Sector, with a long and solid experience in high-level consulting all coming from multinational staffing company.
Our main strength is the deep knowledge of the territory in which we arise, of its tendencies and socio-economic habits.
Our philosophy is to melt the tradition values, the passion for modernity and the search for a more human, positive and intense way of working. Closer to people. This allows us to work keeping the territorial features in mind and to offer targeted and competitive solutions.
The Humangest service has, therefore, all the signs and features of local service, but comes from a long experience at a national and international level.
A global approach which proves to be winning. Humangest is in constant expansion, thanks to a new approach and the will to explore new horizons.

We were born from the will of women and men who were all experts in the management of the Human Resource Sector.
Women and men who make your requirements their work, your requests their priority, and change your problems into solutions.

Humangest proposes integrated consulting in the field of Human Resources, and can ensure a customized value proposal through staff leasing, research and selection, outplacement and training.

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